Thessaloniki Branch

Thessaloniki Branch was founded in November 2002, according to the official recognition by the team of Liverpool F.C.. Of course, the activities of its members started long before that and more specifically since May 1995, as part of the Pan-Hellenic friends’ union of the team. Since 2001, it has followed its own course, a wise decision as later proved.
The aim of Thessaloniki Branch is to follow the team, wherever possible, and to spread the name of Liverpool F.C. all over Greece. Its activities are many and various. Excursions to all parts of Europe with the team (Liverpool, Cardiff, London, Bucharest, Athens, Piraeus, Sofia, Moscow, Constantinople, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Prague, Napoli etc).
The offices operate on 11 Kalavriton str., in Stavroupoli of Thessaloniki, with exhibitions of material, co-operations with the colossus Adidas and Carlsberg, creation of publications and accessories in order to cover the needs of its members. The love for the team does not stop here, as its charitable events have made it famous throughout Greece and not only (donations to schools, to the association Elpida, radio and TV marathons etc).
The most glorious moment so far in the course of Thessaloniki Branch, was the exhibition of material of its members on the history of Liverpool F.C. titled “ LIVERPOOL F.C. 1892-2010 YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE”. An event which took place in the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki for 6 whole months, from 12th March to 12th September 2010. An exhibition which was carried out with the invaluable help of the official team of Liverpool F.C., since it hosted in the opening ceremony the precious trophy, the Champions League Cup which our team won in the memorable final in Constantinople 2005, accompanied indeed by the director of the Anfield Museum, Mr. Stephen Done.
After the constant renovations of our premises the past years, the members of Thessaloniki Branch can now boast about having one of the best places in Greece, so humane and cozy, that every liverpudlian can watch the scheming of the team and branch in great comfort. It is also well known how warm and hospitable are the members of Thessaloniki Branch towards our team’s supporters.